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Hire Rates

Studio hire for film or video per day

Studio hire for stills per day

Office rental per week

Digital Retouching per hour






Hire Includes

Use of make-up room, lounge and kitchen, with free tea, coffee and water.

Use of studio grip gear, including dolly and track, mini-jib, ronford-baker head and legs, clamps, hangers, autopoles etc.

Use of studio lighting gear - a limited selection, including blondes, redheads, mizars, ninelights, stands, diffusers, flags, polys etc.

A charge will be made for electricity used during your hire at current business rates +20% (normally around £10-20 per day). Discounts for all facilities are available to community, charity, student and amateur groups. Depending on requirements, a charge may be made for painting of the infinity cove. Any damages to equipment used during the hire period will be charged for.
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